The Common at Sinnott Farm
Homeowner's Association for
Quail Run, Spice Bush, Arrowwood,
Spring Hill and Timothy Lanes

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Bylaws/Covenants Committee

2018 Committee Members:

Lynn Toper, Chairperson
Louise Moran
Jeff Olmstead
Diane Prescod

Welcome Committee

2018 Committee Members:
Jeff Olmstead, Chairperson
Paula Casey

Website Committee

2018 Committee Members:
Lisa Terlecky
Maryann Schuppe

Beautification Committee

2018 Committee Members:
Kathy Rohrs
Myron Stewart
Julius Prescod
Jeff Olmstead

What you need to know if you are changing anything on the outside of your home:

Our Association's Rules require homeowners to submit proposed plans for adding or altering any structures on the outside of their homes. Rules also apply to landscaping changes. Plans and requests are to be submitted to the Bylaws/Covenants Committee through Vision Management - Attn: Chris Weiland. Contact info for Vision Management can be found on the Home page.

If changes include structural changes to your property, your contractor may need to contact the town for the necessary permits, etc., but you need to contact the Association for approval before starting a new project! Click
 here for a link to the Rules about requesting changes. For information about the Association's requirements regarding plantings, landscaping, outside structures and fencing, click here.

Below are links to a document which explains the alteration request process and a form to use for your request:

CSF Alteration Application Process

CSF Alteration Request Form
(MS Word Document)
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