The Common at Sinnott Farm
Homeowner's Association for
Quail Run, Spice Bush, Arrowwood,
Spring Hill and Timothy Lanes

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Chris Weiland - Property Manager
Vision Management, LLC
PO Box 203
West Simsbury, CT 06092-0203

Office: (860) 242-4131
Cell: (860) 209-7646

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FAQs about our community association

How long has Sinnott Farm been a planned community?
The association was incorporated as a Planned Unit Development (P.U.D.) in 1988, comprising 5 streets.  Streets were built by different developers over 17 years, from 1988 to 2005.  There are 66 homes, all single family, owned by individual homeowners.

What does it cost a homeowner?
Association fees are $295 per quarter per house beginning January 1, 2019.

Who manages the association?

In October of 2015, the Executive Board hired Vision Management, LLC to oversee the administration of the Association commencing January 1, 2016.  The Association does retain tax and legal services as needed.

Is ownership in Sinnott Farm age-restricted?  
No, anyone can live in the Sinnott Farm neighborhood.  

Is there a pool, clubhouse, or other recreational facility?

No, the association does not have common facilities.  There is a public park with a ball field, playscape, and tennis court off Deerfield Road that is owned and maintained by the Town of Bloomfield, and open to any town resident.

What do the fees cover?
Roads:  Our 5 streets are private, so we must plow & repair them, pay for street lights, and mow the curb areas. Deerfield and Ryefield Hollow North are public streets and are maintained by the Town of Bloomfield (by longstanding agreement, the association mows the curb areas on Deerfield and Ryefield).

Common Land
: We have several acres of common land: woods, a pond area, fields, etc.  We pay for liability insurance and general maintenance (such as tree removal if a tree is blown down, or clearing the pond area of weeds periodically)

:  We maintain landscaped areas around each street entrance and cul-de-sac (flowers, shrubs, landscape trees), and we mow and fertilize the grassy areas along the streets.

: Irrigation for the cul-de-sacs, street lights on our private roads, etc.

Who is responsible for mowing homeowner lawns or clearing driveways?
Homeowners are responsible for their own lawns and driveways.  Association fees do not include maintenance of individual driveways or lawns.

Who is responsible for trash pick up?
The Town of Bloomfield provides weekly curbside trash collection, even though our streets are private.

Is Regency at Bloomfield related to Sinnott Farm?

Regency is a separate planned community, with its own homeowner's association.  It is not related to Sinnott Farm.  The houses on Timothy Lane were built by the same builder as the Regency homes, so they look similar, but Timothy Lane is not  a part of the Regency association.

(Originally Deerfield Road was designed to go straight out to Wadhams Road, but was later connected to Vista Way through the Regency development because of traffic concerns.)
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