The Common at Sinnott Farm
Homeowner's Association for
Quail Run, Spice Bush, Arrowwood,
Spring Hill and Timothy Lanes

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Current News
Fourth Quarter 2018 Communications

The mailing for the fourth quarter has been sent to all homeowners. Below is the link to the Fall Newsletter.

Annual Homeowners Meeting
The 2017 Annual Homeowners Meeting was held on Wednesday, November 29, in the Community Room at the Bloomfield Police HQ on Park Avenue. The 2018 Operating Budget as proposed by the Board of Directors was ratified at the meeting. In addition, three new Directors were elected to the Board. The new directors are Deanne Lawrence, Richard Burt and Michael Comperatore. Minutes of the meeting are posted.

Catch Basin Replacements

Replacement of catch basins on Arrowwood Lane was completed during the week of November 8. The new catch basins are two double basins in front of 64 and 85 Arrowwood, and four single basins located at 11, 22, 32 and 36 Arrowwood.

New Rules Adopted by the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors voted at its meeting on August 2nd to adopt the new Rules for The Common at Sinnott Farm. The Rules were adopted with no changes from the proposal that was provided to homeowners in June (see below). The Rules will take effect on October 1 and replace the original Rules of the Association and all previous Amendments to the Rules that were made in 2005 and 2012. Look for the new Rules which will be provided to all homeowners with the quarterly mailing in September.

Proposed Rules - 2017

The summer mailing has been distributed to all homeowners, either electronically or in hardcopy, depending on your preference. Included are the new proposed Rules for Sinnott Farm. Please review the proposed Rules carefully and provide any comments or suggestions to our manager or to any member of the Board of Directors.

A Community Forum has been scheduled for Thursday, July 13, beginning at 7:00 in the Community Room at the Bloomfield Police HQ to provide homeowners with the opportunity to meet with board members and to discuss the proposed changes to the Rules. Board members will respond to questions and consider comments or suggestions from the community about the proposed Rules. The board is scheduled to vote whether to adopt the proposed Rules at the next Board of Directors meeting on August 2. All comments and suggestions received from the community will be carefully considered by the board in advance of August 2nd. 

For reference by all homeowners and other interested parties, the proposed Rules and supporting documents are available for review in the links below. 

      Proposed Rules - 2017              Proposed Rules 2017 - Explanation of Changes                 Proposed Rules 2017 - Working Copy   

Neighborhood "BlockWatch" Reminder

"As neighborhood "Block Watchers", we should all be aware that if we notice any unusual or suspicious activity anywhere in our town or our neighborhood, we should immediately call the Bloomfield Police Department at 860 242-5501 ext 0, which is the Dispatch extention.  The Dispatcher will send the closest car to the identified location.  Fire and emergency is 911. 

For our own safety, the police department has asked that we not personally confront anyone, but that we gather as much information as possible to pass along to them [i.e. exact location, date, time of day, vehicle make/model, plate number, description of person, etc.].  If you've witnessed something in or around our Common, we'd appreciate your contacting a Board member as well or send an email to, just so we're informed.

The Department of Homeland Security slogan "If you see something, say something" protects us all. 

Street Lights

Every so often one of our neighborhood streetlights will suffer from a burnt out bulb or will just quit working for some other reason. You have probably wondered "what do I do if that happens on my street?"

Well, wonder no more.

Simply write down the number that appears on the light pole and let one of your Board Members know what that number is and also give them the address of the pole (closest house address). The Board will contact someone to get it right back up shining again, post haste.

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